K-os je umjetičko ime mladog Kevina Breretona iz Kanade. Trenutno ima 35 godina, i izdao je album „Atlantis Hymns For Disco“, koji je …. pa, fenomenalan 🙂 Malo repa, ali onog pravog….. vraće me u vrijeme osnovne škole. Puno puno puno energije, i još nekih vrsta muzike što ovaj album čini super cuper novom bombonom. Favoriti ?

„fly paper“
Feeling stuck?
Shoe gazing?
Pesky flies getting you down?
Try new supersonic FylPaper
It’s catchy, and it’s pop

I was sad
Until I heard her guitar
Shinning like the stars
From outside an opera bar
On the east side
The way she played it made me feel like I was back home
Her eyes are like two suns shinning down on this desert I roam

„electrik heat“
Its the return, burn like a supernova
Spit the plates, the great debates over
Dont rush, take it easy, slow down
Earth is a space ship spinning round and round
Were in it, together, we can make it better
Don’t sweat a, thing swing with no vendetta

„ballad of noah“
under the sky cross the land with a horse.
it felt like a sky and the land were divorced.
the way it was easy, a rock in the past
so what’s the matter with you, when the rock just laughed
carrying a load for the conscious untoiling
i went to the water and the water was boiling
the load was heavy and rocks filled my course
my horse drank the water and the water killed my horse
i tried to keep going, weeping to me
a righteous wind blew and it was speaking to me
the way seemed harder since my house been dead
i couldn’t understand everything the wind said
looked up at the sky and seen something strange
returned to my country and my country was up in flames
the trees were bleeding, they said they couldn’t hide me
where will i run to without my horse beside me?



• At 28. jul 2007 17:40:00, Gimnazijalka said…
Gde god kliknem naletim na neku biografiju 🙂
• At 28. jul 2007 21:32:00, Magrit said…
Uh, pa daleko je ovo od biografije….. vise jedan utisak.


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