few lyrics

What are you waiting for
Get up off your seat
Its just seven days
Feels like a week
What are you moaning for
You got all that you want
Your life could be worse
You could be a nurse
You’re my kind of guy
Cos I like your style
And you sound as horrible as me
And I don’t mind if you’re unkind
Cos you’re reminding me of me
When the heat dies down
I’ll be back in town
But until that time
I’ll be round at mine
I won’t be the one to disappoint you anymore,
I know, I’ve said all this and that you’ve heard
It all before,
The trick is getting you to think that all this was your idea.
And that this was everything you’ve ever wanted out of here,
Love’s not a competition but I’m winning.
We convince each other nothing has changed
Nobody else will ever write the same
We’re out of ?? thought the stage is not blame
For your protection all the names have been changed
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it without you.
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it without you.
We went to the youth club and we, looked out of place
I didn’t know where to look so I, looked at your face
But you were a boxing champ and, I was a weakling
You didn’t give me a chance, you gave me a beating
And I thank you very much that you did
And as the time went by we, stayed out of trouble
Before I could realise, my age had doubled
The man I became is a tragic ball
And he’s not a boxing champ anymore
If there’s one thing I learnt it’s to run away
At least I enjoy what I do today
And I thank you very much that I do
So try your best
And think about it later
Or you will never know
Which way your life could go
And you’ll know when you know

At 13. jul 2007 22:18:00, hogar_sm said…
хебига, кад сам учио руски…:)
At 14. jul 2007 16:19:00, Magrit said…
E steta sto ja ne znam ruski, pa da ti prevedem.


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